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Battlefield V

Report: Battlefield V has "randomly generated Conquest missions"

You'll now be able to go prone on your back.


From the very same source that last week suggested that the next Battlefield (2018) would be set in World War II and would not be the rumoured Battlefield Bad Company 3 set in Vietnam, we have now learned about the campaign system, the loot box strategy for the game, and a small detail about movement.

Gamesbeat verified some of the information leaked on YouTuber Drakesden's channel, but also dismissed a few points. According to their sources, Battlefield V's story mode will follow a structure of episodic mini stories with different characters similar to Battlefield 1, and not focused just on the German army.

Talking about multiplayer, the leak suggests there will be "randomly generated Conquest missions", we presume this is to say there will be procedurally generated missions. The outlet claims DICE is working hard on co-op play and is paying a lot of attention to the split-screen aspect, but the source doesn't confirm that this feature will make it into the final game. What the Swedish studio actually added is the mechanic for soldiers to go prone on their backs like in Rainbow Six: Siege.

Finally, Gamebeat's sources confirmed that microtransactions and loot boxes will be purely cosmetic, as they are in Battlefield 1.

Keep in mind that these are not officially confirmed details about the yet to be announced Battlefield V, but given their proximity to the official unveiling (any week now, most likely) we would tend to believe a typically reliable source like Gamesbeat.

Are you happy to see Battlefield return to World War II?

Battlefield V