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Detroit: Become Human

New characters in Detroit: Become Human revealed

Lance Henriksen, Clancy Brown and Minka Kelly confirmed as part of the cast.


As a companion piece to the release date being announced, Quantic Dream and Sony released a new trailer for Detroit: Become Human on PlayStation Network. This was quickly removed, and while it has yet to be re-uploaded, some tidbits from it have now been formally announced.

More specifically, several characters introduced in the trailer have been revealed through Quantic Dream's Twitter. These are played by Clancy Brown, Lance Henriksen, and Minka Kelly. Kelly's character North featured in the scene revealed at E3 last summer, whereas we've yet to learn more about the characters Brown and Henriksen portray.

Detroit: Become Human
Bryan Dechart's character Conor seen with Clancy Brown's character Hank,
Detroit: Become Human
Apparently, Lance Henriksen's character is called Lance. How fitting.
Detroit: Become Human
Minka Kelly as North who plays an important part in the android revolution.