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Arkane teases Prey-related announcement

Is the series heading to the Moon?


Despite failing to make huge waves when it was released in May of last year, it seems that Arkane Austin's reboot of the series has become something of a sleeper hit for the company. However, despite this, no post-launch DLC was ever announced despite being heavily hinted at, and it's currently unknown what the studio is working on. That said, we may find out more soon.

Recently, the game's official Twitter account revealed a mysterious GIF of the Transtar logo, as well as the Moon. The text accompanying the video simply says: "Do we really know what's out there?"

Recently, Bethesda revealed that they will once again be hosting an E3 press conference, which begs the question, will we know by then what Arkane is working on? Can we expect the hinted at DLC and, if so, will it be a standalone expansion in the same vein as Dishonored: Death of the Outsider?