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The Secret World

The Secret World undergoes big changes

Funcom director Ragnar Tornquist has revealed that his next big project MMORPG The Secret World is currently undergoing some major changes.

"We've recently made some Big Changes to the game and those need to be worked through. Direction is required. Funnily enough, that's my job.

So what's changing? It's a bit too early to talk about details. Rest assured that little of what you've seen so far will change dramatically: it's the stuff we haven't shown (or, indeed, made yet) that's gone back to the drawing board."

Tornquist also reveals that 2009 will be the year where we finally get some solid information on the game, but the ambitions are clearly there:

"We want The Secret World to stand out and be remembered - obviously. To not be just another MMORPG, a WoW clone, of which there are already too many. We're going to play up the strengths of our universe and differentiate ourselves in both the setting and the gameplay - and particularly in how players can become exactly who they want to be, their secret selves, both visually and in terms of powers. Everyday adventurers and superheroes; guardians of the secret world; champions of Gaia. Warriors. Explorers. Cryptologists. Cryptozoologists. Mystics. Magi. Demonologists. Storytellers. Historians. Travellers. Lovers."

Anyway, if you are as intrigued by The Secret World as I am you will no doubt want to read the rest of Ragnar's blog straight away.

The Secret World