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Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV getting four episodes in the next year

The roadmap will start with Episode Ardyn.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

Yesterday we reported that Final Fantasy XV is getting a Half-Life costume DLC, and now director Hajime Tabata and game designer Takefumi Terada have spoken in an interview with Dengeki Online (as brought to us by GameInformer) about the roadmap of DLC episodes, which will run until next year.

The first season's worth of content saw us get three episodes based on all the protagonists that aren't Noctis, as well as multiplayer DLC Comrades, and now both Tabata and Terada have revealed that there are four episodes planned for the rest of the year, including Episode Ardyn.

These four episodes will be released as part of a second season pass, and will take the DLC drops until 2019, with the future past that yet to be decided, but either way it's surely good news for fans of the game who have enjoyed the extra content so far.

Are you hyped for more DLC drops?

Final Fantasy XV