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The Switch version of Typoman comes with many improvements

Including new content and improved visuals.


Brainseed Factory's Typoman debuted two and a half years ago as a "Nindie", but then released on PC, PS4, and Xbox One with a few fixes, before coming full circle for its upcoming release on the Nintendo Switch, and now we know that this 'Revised' edition includes a lot of improvements, as you can see from the list below:

  • - Added 2x mini games

  • - Added story quotation collectibles

  • - Added a huge number of fun reaction words that changes your character (e.g. HAT, SPIDER etc)

  • - Improved visuals (sprites, animations, character presentation, cinematic scenes, lighting, particle effects)

  • - Added a large number of solution words to each puzzle

  • - Improved the final boss battle (A-Bombs attacks, more variations of 'good' words, damage indicator)

  • - Major improvement to the WORDSCRAMBLER which now detects all letters that are near your character

  • - Improved balancing of many platforming sections

  • - Replaced or enhanced some of the weaker or more frustrating puzzles

Typoman is out on Nintendo Switch on February 22, but if you order it now you can get a 20% discount. What do you think is the most exciting change made?