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Dragon Ball FighterZ

Dragon Ball FighterZ loses 80% Steam players

The game's popularity at launch has somewhat dwindled.

Fighting games simply aren't as popular on PC as they are on consoles, which is why Dragon Ball FighterZ's first day on Steam was a surprise. The game, developed by Arc System Works, managed to peak at 44,300 players on Valve's platform, crushing the previous record held by a fighting game, held by Tekken 7 since last summer with 18.7K players.

Two weeks later, however, and things are looking more familiar. A graph made by Gythip shows that the DBFZ player base peaked at 9,000 players last weekend, which is 80% down on its launch day stats. It remains as the most played fighting game on Steam, though, drawing many more than the 1,500 players who play Street Fighter V on a regular basis, although the drop is as steep as the rise. It's also worth noting that Tekken 7 lost the same percentage of online players over two months.

There are many reasons for the drop, ranging from casual players in love with Dragon Ball that suddenly discovered what a competitive online match entails, to connection issues, and even the poorly designed online lobby. Steam Achievements show that more people play local modes than online matches in Dragon Ball FighterZ, and reviews on the platform are very positive (as is ours).

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Dragon Ball FighterZ