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Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk creator: Now is the right time for Cyberpunk game

Mike Pondsmith also points out similarities between our world and that of the game.

  • Text: Sam Bishop


Cyberpunk 2077 is coming our way sometime in the future from Witcher developer CD Projekt Red, and creator of the original RPG Mike Pondsmith has recently talked to Spanish newspaper El Pais in an interview that sees him discuss the world he created and how this will translate into the game (as has been very usefully translated by Reddit user AkulBIG).

Pondsmith explains that the whole universe is about how ordinary people use technology in this futuristic world to fight against those in power, and that technology is the key part of the world, putting the weak on the same level as the powerful. That's why he couldn't do a game about this world when it was proposed to him in the '80s, because the technology wasn't there in games (he wanted things like vehicles and crowded streets). Now it is there though, and the world is alive. In fact, Pondsmith says that many of the things people will see in the game is just as he imagined it would be.

He goes on to say that some of the issues he talked about when originally creating the world, such as climate change, are becoming very real concerns, as opposed to futuristic fiction, and hence there are things that are in common between the Cyberpunk world and our own.

Do you think that Cyberpunk 2077 will be a faithful recreation of the world?

Cyberpunk 2077

Thanks, VG247.