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Flipping Death

Flipping Death gets physical release on Switch and PS4

Rising Star publishes Stick It To The Man's spiritual successor at retail this spring.

We here at Gamereactor really enjoyed Stick It To The Man! when it released in several platforms a while back. And even though Zoink Games (now Thunderful) are readying the release of the promising Fe with Electronic Arts, the fact that the "spiritual successor" of Stick It is releasing shortly thereafter has several of us equally interested.

The game is called Flipping Death and takes good note of the sticking/possessing mechanics of the previous adventure. To such extent, that the physical edition announced today will include "exclusive collector cards" in the box.

Both digital and physical will release this spring, with final date TBC. The downloadable game will launch on Xbox One, PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Rising Star has just announced they'll be publishing the boxed game "at select retailers" at the same date, but just on Switch and PlayStation 4.

Are you excited about Zoink Games releases? For more info, here's Zoink's Mikael Forslind talking about Flipping Death last year:

Flipping Death