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Gravel to expand with 5 DLC season pass

Milestone unveils ambitious post-launch plans.


Italian racing veterans Milestone prepares to release their next title Gravel on February 27 on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Developer and publisher Milestone has just announced its plans for post-launch content, including both paid updates and free ones.

In terms of the former, a Season Pass will be offered at a yet-to-be-disclosed additional price. It'll include 5 of the so-called "expansion sets", which add 12 new cars, new stages based on checkpoints and 4 Wild Rush tracks, along with off-road-specific career events.

In terms of free additional downloadable content, the Italian studio will be offering more vehicles, for now, one on March 7 and another one on March 21, with four more to be detailed later on.

Are you excited about Gravel's different approach to racing?