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Gameloft closes shop in New Orleans, halves Madrid studio

Mobile company has laid off nearly 900 people in recent times.


Mobile developer/publisher Gameloft has reportedly shut down its New Orleans offices letting go of 40 employees in the process. This follows quietly letting go of 50 people at the Madrid studio, effectively cutting the studio in half, late last year according to a report on Gamasutra.

Gameloft, originally a company owned by Ubisoft's Guillemot brothers, was acquired by Vivendi in a hostile takeover in 2016. The French outfit has been shutting down multiple studios around the world as of late, including Valencia, Tokyo, Seattle and New York. Something that shockingly when added to the most recent layoffs puts recent layoffs nearly 900 people.

Gameloft is best known for franchises like Real Football and Asphalt, but has also released many games under license such as Sonic Runners Adventure.