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Joe Dever's Lone Wolf

Joe Dever's Lone Wolf to come on Switch next week

A new control system has been designed for Switch.

After being released on several platforms, starting on PC and mobile devices and then moving onto PS4 and Xbox One, Joe Dever's Lone Wolf - developed by the Italian team Forge Reply - is now ready to debut on Nintendo Switch next week.

The title, an intriguing adventure/RPG game inspired by the popular gamebooks written by Joe Dever in the '80s, will in fact be available on Nintendo's hybrid console starting from February 16 in digital format. The pre-orders are open as of February 9, when the original embargo was set, even though it was unfortunately broken by some outlets earlier than that.

This new version of the game features a technical compartment and a new control system specially designed for Switch, although no additional content is expected compared to previous versions. Below, you can see the launch trailer as well if you're interested.

Will you be pre-ordering?

Joe Dever's Lone Wolf
Joe Dever's Lone WolfJoe Dever's Lone WolfJoe Dever's Lone Wolf
Joe Dever's Lone WolfJoe Dever's Lone Wolf