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Worms WMD

Worms WMD gets improvements and a discount on Switch

Team17 adds gameplay capture and friend invites.


The Nintendo Switch version of Worms WMD arrived at the end of last year, leaving pretty good impressions (as you can see from our review), which were made all the better by the fact we could now take the classic Worms action on the go, and now Team17 has revealed some new features and improvements introduced with the last title update, highlighting the ability to invite friends for online matches or to capture video with the dedicated button on the left Joy-Con. Now, besides screenshots, you'll be able to save the last 30 seconds of gameplay when holding the Capture button.

On top of that it's also now possible to have 48 worms on the same map, 16 more than in the original version, and as with a lot of updates for games there are the classic and vague "overall performance optimisations", which we don't have solid details on in regards to specifics.

Team17 is also taking the chance to announce a 20% discount for Worms WMD on the Nintendo eShop, which means it costs £15.99 rather than £19.99 until February 15. Also, we've got a new trailer talking about the update as well, which should give you a better taste of what's coming.

Do you think now is the time you'll jump into Worms?