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Laser League

Laser League arrives to Early Access today

There's also a limited-time discount.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

505 Games and Roll7 have celebrated today's launch of Laser League with a brand new behind-the-scenes video featuring footage from a competitive community event, and what's more is that there's also a limited-time 30% discount off the original price of £10.99.

"We have been working on this title in one way, shape or form since 2014 - so we are ecstatic about finally getting it into player's hands," said Simon Bennett, studio director at Roll7. "Early Access marks the next phase of the development process, offering our teams an opportunity to gather and implement player feedback in order to further refine the overall game ahead of a full commercial launch in the near future."

Early Access comes with six classes, three international stadiums, 12 laser maps, 16 powerups, over 60 characters, and more than 250 character customisations. Servers will be launching in North America, Europe, Russia, and Singapore, and if you want to see how the community event went, check out the video below.

Do you like the look of Laser League?

Laser League

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