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God of War

Has a new God of War DualShock 4 controller leaked?

A Reddit user has shared an interesting symbol.

Despite God of War's release date being confirmed for April 20 just recently, there's no word of a special edition PS4 as of yet, with the only information available being rumours of a PS4 Pro bundle, and now we have another rumour, this time about a DualShock 4 controller.

The source of this new rumour is that a Reddit user by the name of Huff2994 recently shared the image below with the caption: "purchased a silver ps4 controller from Amazon. It came with this symbol on it. Anyone know what it's from?" While this is by no means a solid confirmation, it did catch attention, especially since the logo is the same that appears in the collector's editions of the game.

God of War

We have to make clear though that this is just a symbol on a controller, and by no means a confirmation that any special edition controllers/consoles are coming, so take it with a pinch of salt, as it may well be a fake.

Would you like it to be real though?