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Crossout's seventh faction are called Firestarters

Update 0.9.0 is bringing a lot more than that though.

Targem Games and Gaijin Entertainment have released update 0.9.0 for their vehicle-battling game Crossout, an update that adds the seventh faction into the game, called the Firestarters, which as you can imagine are all about the fire, the explosions, and the pyrotechnics.

The Incinerator is included in the update as well, launching gasoline-filled projectiles that set areas ablaze, not to mention the Fortune launcher too, which fire burning wheels in groups of three that detonate on contact. Also included is the Draco flamethrower, which is a bit more conventional.

Meat Grinder blades are available for Firestarters, as they can be placed on a vehicle just like wheels would, and allow the cars to move at equal speeds in any direction, even sideways, dealing damage on contact with others. You can combine this with the Harpoon gun as well, attaching yourself to enemies to keep them close to you. As if all this wasn't enough, there's also the Werewolf, which contains a small drone full of explosives that launches whenever the player's vehicle is destroyed.

Other changes in the update include increasing maximum battle time from three to five minutes for players over level 10, as well as the time required to captured objectives being increased by 50%, and for more on the Firestarters check out the trailer down below.

Do you think the Firestarters could be a new favourite?