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Disc Jam

Disc Jam lands on Switch alongside a new update

A free weekend is also taking place.

High Horse Entertainment has announced that Disc Jam has launched on Nintendo Switch, but that's not all the news they have in store for us, as all platforms are also getting the game's biggest update ever, making it easier to jump into a match as well as introducing new modes and a new character.

PC and Switch players can now join in the fun, and what's more is that Switch owners can join local wireless matches between up to four consoles too. If you're more competitive than that though the ranked leagues might be for you, allowing you to unlock exclusive cosmetic content each season, although if you prefer solo then Ghost Arcade lets you play against AI opponents based on players in the leaderboards.

Lannie is also the new Brazilian competitor that balances power and agility, and if you want even more content we're told this will be continually coming. If you're on Switch you may be more interested to hear the game runs at 1080p 60FPS docked, going down to 720p undocked.

A free weekend has started for the game on PC via Steam, running until February 11, so if you have yet to get on board this is the best way to try it. Have you given it a go yet?

Disc Jam