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Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus changes up a lot of stuff from previous games

In terms of timeframe, scale, factions, weapons, combat, and more.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

We haven't got a whole load of details on Metro Exodus since it was revealed at E3 2017, but now we have a whole load of them courtesy of GameInformer, which include, surprisingly, the absence of the titular Metro.

This Moscow metro that was the basis for the first games aren't returning, which is a little surprising, although considering the trailers that we've seen have taken place outside it's not the most shocking revelation. Instead we're in the Russian wilderness, which we bet will be equally hostile, although the report says it won't be open world. Also, the ammunition-based currency is gone from this game as well, since the Metro was the basis for this economy.

In regards to combat, there's still the choice between stealth and action, but there's also the choice between lethal and non-lethal takedowns for enemies, with animations now varied depending on factors like speed and weapons. Also, different factions will respond differently based on whether you've been massacring them or sparing them in the past. Weapon upgrades are different as well, as you can remove attachments from one weapons and transfer them to another, with these attachments including scopes, magazines, and more. Weapons will need to be maintained though, as they'll lose potency when unclean.

The Hub World has been changed too, and is replaced by a train called The Aurora, which changes as the game progresses. This isn't the only vehicle in the game though, as we know there'll be some others, including boats. What's more is that there are side activities as well, activating by finding notes or talking to NPCs, which could lead to interesting encounters.

Lastly, we now know that the game takes place over a year, and that the factions live isolated from one another, so these just go to show that there are a lot of differences compared to previous Metro games, especially when it comes to size and scale.

Do you like the sounds of the game so far?

Metro Exodus

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