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Vampyr finally gets its release date

June 5 release date revealed in the final vídeo of the web series.


Dontnod and Focus Home Interactive have finally revealed Vampyr's release date, and the atmospheric action-RPG will see release on June 5, on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The release date was confirmed in the fourth and last episode of the behind-the-scenes web series, 'Stories From the Dark'. In this episode, developer Dontnod compares video game storytelling to other mediums, referring how all the gameplay mechanics - "exploration, investigations, citizen encounters, combat, and hard-hitting choices" -, will be connected to the game's narrative.

Stories From the Dark also shows the motion capture techniques used to make the cast "more human", in order to create a more believable 1918 London. You can watch Stories From the Dark, and all the previous episodes, below.


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