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Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V sells over 90 million copies

GTA Online is also doing well.

Grand Theft Auto V is no doubt a huge game, regularly making an appearance in the charts despite being first released in 2013, and of course this means that it's garnered a massive amount of sales. In fact, publisher Take-Two has just told us via their quarterly report that the game has now surpassed 90 million units.

These enormous numbers also translate into massive in-game sales, and the insider Daniel Ahmad writes: "Take Two says GTA Online was the single largest driver of recurrent consumer spending during the past quarter. It's confirmed GTA Online will have more content updates."

It seems that the GTA V train shows no signs of stopping then, and it may even pass 100 million units within the next year or so. Have you yet to buy the game?

Grand Theft Auto V