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Metroid Prime 4

Metroid Prime 4 and Ridge Racer 8 rumours surface

According to reports, the racer will be a Switch exclusive.

  • Text: Mike Holmes

A couple of subtle but potentially interesting Switch rumours have emerged today, including one that involves Metroid Prime 4's development team, and another regarding Ridge Racer 8.

According to YouTuber Doctre81 (and via Resetera), it's Bandai Namco Singapore that's handling the development of Switch-exclusive shooter Metroid Prime 4.

It's not confirmation, and there's no official comment by Nintendo, but it measures up against previous rumours that a Bandai Namco team were handling development duties for the game. The clue this time comes in the form of a job description pulled from LinkedIn (and attached below) that mentions a Nintendo-exclusive first-person shooter/adventure.

An interesting aside, but apparently the Singapore-based studio includes devs who previously worked at LucasFilm and who were involved with the ill-fated Star Wars 1313.

The other rumour relates to Ridge Racer 8, which is referenced in the same aforementioned job description. If genuine, it's the first mention we've seen of the game, and it suggests that the arcade racer is also Switch-exclusive.

Metroid Prime 4

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