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Nintendo shifts 700K Switch consoles in the UK

The success story continues.

Nintendo's revival continues to gather momentum, with the company's newest console selling more than 700,000 units in the UK since it launched in March last year.

The latest figures come via Games Industry, which also reports that the console has already outsold its predecessor here in the UK, taking less than a year to equal of the five-year sales of the Wii U. Impressive stuff, although the Switch hasn't managed to rival the success of the original Wii; Nintendo shifted more than 1 million consoles in the UK in just 38 weeks.

As we revealed here on Gamereactor at the end of January, Nintendo's console has shifted more than 300,000 units in Spain, overtaking Xbox One in the process, achieving this feat in mere months. It's done similarly well in the US, with almost 5 million sales in less than a year.

It's a success story that's being echoed around the world, with notable achievements including the fact that the Switch has year one sales that better those of the PS2 in Japan (with 3.3 million consoles sold), and similarly impressive achievements are being reported across multiple territories.

The console is also doing very well from a software perspective, with eight titles already selling more than one million copies since the Switch launched last year.