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Smoke and Sacrifice

New survival-RPG Smoke and Sacrifice unveiled

Intriguing ecosystem and personal story to combine in promising RPG.

Survival is an increasingly nuanced aspect of modern games, with developers continuing to explore different ways of making players battle the elements in order to stay alive just a little longer. Survival themes are seeping into a number of different game types too, including an intriguing new RPG by Solar Sail Games, Smoke and Sacrifice.

Set to be published by Curve Digital, Smoke and Sacrifice stars Sachi, a woman searching to discover the fate of her child against the backdrop of a fantasy world full of evolving environmental dangers. Players will interact with the local flora and fauna, but with potential implications as in-game actions impact the ecosystem.

A personal story and interesting world design certainly help the game stand out, as does a system whereby the eponymous smoke affects NPC and player behaviour. Smoke and Sacrifice is heading to PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One in 2018.