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Celeste sold better on Switch than any other platform

Another indie title does better on Nintendo's hybrid console than elsewhere.


Recently, TowerFall: Ascension developer Matt Makes Games released their next project, a platformer called Celeste (check out our review here), and the game was generally very well received. The game was released on a variety of platforms, including PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch, but as is the case with many games these days, the game sold best on Nintendo's platform.

The game's creator, Matt Thorson, spoke to Destructoid about the game's performance, and here he revealed that the Switch version is the most successful so far.

"The Switch version of Celeste has sold the most, and that's what we were expecting. We feel like Celeste and the Switch are a perfect fit for each other. We are glad we launched on all consoles though, and we really appreciate the support we've seen across the board."