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DayZ is coming to Xbox Game Preview and PS4

Release dates for both of these are very vague.

  • Text: Sam Bishop


Back at the end of last year we found out that DayZ, a game that started life as a mod and had been in early access for years, was leaving Early Access and heading to Xbox in 2018, and now we know that it won't just be Xbox that receives the zombie action, as Sony's PS4 will also get Bohemia Interactive's survival title.

This news comes courtesy of the DayZ Development Twitter who, when questioned about PS4 and Xbox One, had the following to say:

"Yes! Coming to Xbox Game Preview at some point this year, we're not sure about PS4 yet, but we'll release there too, eventually - just don't know when yet."

All the dates are very vague, as you can see, but at least we know that both of them are on their way. Do you want to play the game on console as opposed to PC?