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Next week on GR Live the GR-lympics are back

It's time to settle an office rivalry on Gamereactor Live and we need your help!

  • Text: Dóri Halldórsson


Dóri, our regular streamer, considers himself the king of games, but newcomer Jake disagrees.
The gauntlet has been thrown down, a challenge has been set, and one or two nasty words have been exchanged.

Therefore Tuesday February 6 will see the revival of the GR-lympics, as the two contestants enter the ring and battle it out across several gaming disciplines to see who is Gamereactor's number one gamer (apart from <insert your name here>, who's not involved and remains undisputed top dog around here).

However, we're mixing things up this time around, and instead of picking the titles ourselves, we need your help to decide which games they will face off in. So leave a suggestion in the comments below and tune in next Tuesday at 3pm GMT / 4pm CET to see who emerges victorious.