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Halo 6

343 Industries' divided time won't impact 'next Halo FPS title'

Could they be talking about Halo 6?

Halo 6 hasn't been officially announced yet, despite a lot of people being confident that it's on the way, and fans are left hoping for an amazing announcement at E3 or something. For now, though, we know that 343 Industries are at least working on something, but they're also dividing their time so they can work on older titles as well, something the studio says won't impact future releases.

"A small but experienced team here within 343 has taken on the charter of supporting many of Halo's "legacy" titles, with MCC currently being their number one priority. There's a wealth of experience and expertise on the team including engineers, designers, and test leads who are intimately familiar with what's good, and not so good, with the Master Chief Collection," the post on Halo Waypoint reads.

"This team is completely separate from the broader 343 team working on the next Halo FPS title. There's zero overlap or shared resources to ensure that the larger game team can remain laser focused on the future. I've read some posts from fans who are concerned that we're cracking open MCC at the expense of the next Halo FPS title - rest assured that while MCC is incredibly important to the studio, in no way is this work interfering or taking away from the next big thing. We are committing the necessary resources to do both projects right."

The "next Halo FPS title" is pretty tantalising, as it may well be just another way of saying Halo 6, or it could be something else entirely, like Halo ODST 2 or something totally unexpected like that. Do you like this new division of labour they've got going on?

Halo 6
Halo 6
Halo 6Halo 6Halo 6