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The PlayStation Plus games for February revealed

We're finally getting Knack!


Different kinds of players want different kinds of games as part of their PlayStation Plus membership each month. Some of these games are so big that they're more like wishes, some are more realistic, and some have just become jokes and memes at this point. Well, we're actually getting a game from the latter category next month, and it's the biggest one of them all.

Sony has finally announced that Knack will be part of the PlayStation Plus line-up for February. Gamers around the world have been asking for this for years, so it has become a popular joke by now. We wonder what the good people over on NeoGAF, Resetera, and Reddit will joke about now.

Seriously though, Knack isn't the only game that can be downloaded at no additional cost next Tuesday. It hasn't even been a year since Rime launched, but we're also getting Tequila Works' charming game. Top this with Spelunker HD, Mugen Souls Z, Exiles End, Grand Kingdom and StarBlood Arena and you have a fairly nice line-up. Don't you agree?

• Knack for PlayStation 4

• Rime for PlayStation 4

• Spelunker HD for PlayStation 3

• Mugen Souls Z for PlayStation 3

• Exiles End for PlayStation Vita

• Grand Kingdom for PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4

The PlayStation VR game StarBlood Arena will also remain a part of the line-up, so it's not too late to get that either.


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