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Report: Nintendo preparing more hardware for the Switch

There's more than just Labo on the way, it seems.

Nintendo Labo kits are just the beginning of the hardware expansion for the Switch, one that could bring in a bigger audience, as after the presentation of a quarterly financial report that reflects strong sales and profits for the Kyoto-based company, President Tatsumi Kimishima stated that they will try to find new ways of play, the same motto behind the do-it-yourself games introduces a few days ago.

"Aside from Labo, we've also prepared other ways of expanding ways to play on the Nintendo Switch," Kimishima said in the first meeting with journalists, as Wall Street Journal's Takashi Mochizuki writes on Twitter. Nintendo wants to attract a broader audience, including kids, adults and hardcore gamers.

Kimishima didn't elaborate further, but Mochizuki's sources allegedly WSJ" target="_blank">say</a> that Nintendo plans to create "new peripheral hardware devices for the Switch". We already know what it could mean looking at the past, as the Wii Fit Balance Board, for example, sold tens of millions units, and it was just one of many peripheral attached to the Wii.

Would you like to see a similar ecosystem around the Switch?