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Monster Hunter: World

PS4 boosted in Japan after strong Monster Hunter debut

The new game is doing the business.


Approximately 1.35 million out of the 5 million copies of Monster Hunter: World sold during its first weekend were shifted in Japanese stores. This according to a report by Famitsu, which suggests Capcom's new game is comparing favourably to the popularity of the old portable entries in the series, and also is helping breathe new life into PS4 sales.

Famitsu estimates that up until January 28, MH: World sold 1,350,412 copies (that's one specific estimate, we have to say), while Media Create will share its own estimation on Wednesday afternoon. It's in line with other Monster Hunter debuts; higher than 2017's Monster Hunter XX, but lower than 2015's Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. It does, however, fall short of Monster Hunter Freedom 3 and Monster Hunter 4 (which enjoyed 2.1 and 1.9 million week one sales respectively).

The hunting craze also boosted PS4 sales to 140,432 units in the same week, a new record for the hardware in a single week (excluding launch week, back in February 2014). And this is not the first time that MH: World has helped PS4 sales, as a special edition version of the console launched last December in Japan, along with a download code for the game to be redeemed on release.

Monster Hunter: World