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League of Legends

League of Legends receiving change to update schedule

Big gameplay patches will arrive every four weeks.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

The official YouTube channel for hugely successful MOBA League of Legends has posted a new dev diary recently, in which lead gameplay producer Jessica 'Safelocked' Nam has some important news regarding updates, which we'll be getting every four weeks now, alongside smaller patches.

"What we're planning on doing is having a big gameplay patch every four weeks, followed by a smaller patch two weeks later," Nam said (courtesy of PCGamesN). "The big gameplay patch would have systemic changes like item or rune changes, along with some gameplay updates and the usual balance stuff, and the patches after that would be focused on addressing smaller changes, and anything weird that pops up."

Nam adds that the team are looking to hear what the community think of the changes, and that they're not set in stone either, and are subject to change. Do you like the change?

League of Legends