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We Happy Few

We Happy Few has been delayed

And they're enabling refunds for all Steam players who aren't satisfied with the early access version.


Back in August, after a long time of playing the early access version and waiting, Compulsion Games finally announced that We Happy Few would make its way to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on April 13. That's not happening any more, as few of the developers would be happy with the result.

They've just released a video where we're told that the game has been delayed to sometime "this summer". The reason is that they aren't satisfied with the first few hours of the game. That's why they've decided to move a few story moments forward so that we'll get to the action faster, while also rebuilding the first island in the game.

You can see the developers going into their decision in greater detail in the video below. We'd also stay till the end of it, as it introduces us to the second playable character, Sally. The few snippets of gameplay we see definitely makes it seem like she has a few tricks up her slew.

Lastly, they address some of the Steam players' concerns regarding the pre-purchase asking price. Some players aren't happy with the amount of content they're getting for their money, so Compulsion Games and Gearbox have decided to enable refunds for all players who've purchased the Steam version, past and present, regardless of their playtime.

What do you think of the delay and the introduction of Sally?

We Happy Few