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Changes come to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' Blue Zone

PUBG Corp want its game to be less chaotic.

In PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds players have to fight a huge amount of enemies in an ever-decreasing battlefield, because the so-called Blue Zone slowly cuts off the outer environment, and now PUBG Corp is trying to address a concern that fans have, specifically with the Blue Zone's currently unforgiving pace, meaning players are often forced to run without the chance of adapting to different situations (for example enemy ambushes).

In a recent community update the developer explained the changes, which landed in the test server just recently. In short, we'll gain more time running away from the damaging wall, especially when being near the outer circle. On the other hand, though, damage is increased when outside of the zone, which is outlined below:

  • Slightly decreased the waiting time of the blue zones in mid-to-late phase of a match

  • Slightly decreased the shrinking speed of the blue zones in mid-to-late phase (In this phase, blue zones will now move at a slower speed and the travel time of blue zones has slightly increased due to this change)

  • Slightly increased the damage per second of the last blue zone

With this PUBG Corp wants to lessen the chaotic gameplay and even the game out at the start of a match. Seems like a reasonable move to us, but what are your thoughts on this?

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds