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Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

Open beta up and running for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

Times and dates inside, plus a new trailer.

  • Text: Mike Holmes

The Open Beta for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is now up and running, and apart from a couple of short interruptions, will run on PlayStation 4 through until January 21 (see the official timings below for more details).

  • From 12th January (14:00 GMT/15:00 CET) to 15th January (21:00 GMT/22:00 CET)

  • From 15th January (22:00 GMT/23:00 CET) to 18th January (21:00 GMT/22:00 CET)

  • From 18th January (22:00 GMT/23:00 CET) to 21st January (21:00 GMT/22:00 CET)

The public beta will include both online and offline matches, stages pulled from across the Final Fantasy series, as well as "ferocious summons for players to call upon in battle, character customisation and more". We actually got our hands on the game not too long again, and you can read our impressions of the game by heading this way.