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Spain confirms up to €6.25 million in grants for indie studios

Digital Agenda secretary of state details a program that was never cancelled.


José María Lassalle, Digital Agenda secretary of state, represented the Spanish administration at yesterday's Spanish Videogame Development White Paper presentation, held in Madrid by DEV association.

The meeting also served as a 2017 year-in-review event, but it was expected that it would be used to clarify facts after the confusion spread by some newspapers last week when they claimed the government had decided to cut a new line of European funds for the video game industry. Although, as reported by Gamereactor, it was made clear the reported information was inaccurate, yesterday's event was to shed more light on the current state of talks between parties, after a new meeting held on Monday.

As it turns out, the total budget for this specific line actually rises up to 6.25 million euro, tripling the original amount which was said to have been cut. The official applications will be ready within the next few weeks.

Lassalle explained interested studios must meet some specific requirements. Companies must not make more than 2 million euro annually, and the aids are just for completely independent studios, leaving out branches of bigger organisations and the like. Besides, studios have to be running for at least six months as registered companies.

Interested studios may then apply up to 150,000 euro each. An evaluation committee, formed by independent individuals, will be set up in the near future.

In the official PR, the Spanish Ministry of Digital Agenda claims "the call will fund projects from independent studios seeking to develop and to enhance their market position".

The recent collaborative work between administrations and DEV (representing Spanish studios) is therefore resulting in a more impactful budget than expected at first, and it seems that it'll come to fruition and with more funds even if a little later than expected.

Picture: // DEV