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Dontnod announces four-episode web series for Vampyr

The series will explore the world and mechanics of the much-anticipated RPG.


Dontnod has announced a webseries dedicated to Vampyr, the vampire-themed RPG that last September was delayed until this spring. According to the developers, this web series will be split into four episodes and will reveal new details about the game, and will also show some unpublished gameplay.

Vampyr's web series will start on January 18 with the release of the first episode, called "Making Monsters", while the other three episodes, namely "Architects of the Obscure", "Human After All" and "Stories From the Dark ", will be made available later, on a weekly basis. With this series, Dontnod promises to explore everything about the game, its mechanics, and its dark setting. Below you can find out more thanks to the attached teaser trailer.

Vampyr hasn't got a specific launch date yet, but it's expected this spring on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.