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Star Wars Battlefront II

Physical Star Wars Battlefront II sales way down

Falls way behind the original in terms of sales.


Leading up to its release in November, Star Wars Battlefront II seemed to be the star of something akin to a reality show of its own creation. Ultimately, the backlash from fans over the aggressive use of microtransactions prompted EA to remove them entirely. While some sales reports suggest that the bad press and word of mouth has had a tangible effect on the sales, we've yet to see as shocking proof of that as now.

VGChartz has published a sales report for the game's debut week, and while these reports should be taken with a grain of salt (VGChartz bases their numbers largely on estimates), this one does suggest that Star Wars Battlefront II has suffered as a result of the backlash.

According to the report, the sequel sold 1,326,906 physical copies during its first week on store shelves. This is next to the original game, which managed to move 3,675,687 during its first week. Some of this can surely be marked down as digital sales, but it's pretty clear that if the report is to be believed, EA can't be very happy. Whether sales picked up later as Christmas approach and The Last Jedi went up in cinemas remains to be seen, but there can be no doubt sales of Star Wars: Battlefront II are lower than expected at this point.

Star Wars Battlefront II