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Destiny 2

The Destiny 2 code may have revealed new expansion info

We may be travelling to Enceladus.


Dataminers keep finding new and interesting stuff for gamers to ponder, and now the code for Destiny 2 has thrown up some potentially interesting information about the game and its upcoming second expansion, following on from the Curse of Osiris DLC.

According to the next expansion for Destiny 2 will be called Heralds of Nezarec and will feature new locations, one of them being the sixth moon of Saturn: Enceladus. This next expansion will also include three new Strikes and 10 new story missions, if the information is to be believed (it should be noted that the original Reddit post has since been deleted).

Supposedly this new story is about your ship crashing into a frozen wasteland, and you will of course meet a bunch of new enemies while you're there. These creatures are called Frames and Heralds, and their big boss is Nezarec, but have no fear, as some new friends will join you in the fight at some point.

At this time this leak should considered as a mere rumour, but at least it sounds believable. Would you like all this to be true?

Destiny 2

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