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GRTV: CES Highlights #2

More tech from this year's event.

The gadgets just keep on coming in this, the second part of our CES 13 Highlights. Lorenzo and the GRTV team check out some of the most exciting tech to be displayed at this year's event.

GRTV spent a lot of time with Sony at this year's CES. In this interview Daryl Eshun explains to Lorenzo Mosna how the company is using 3D technology to try and make split-screen gaming a thing of the past.

Lorenzo caught up with Michael Pastor at this year's CES. They took a look at the latest AR.Drone 2.0 in action.

Lorenzo talks with Innex's Jenny Rodriguez, and they discuss the company's latest range of retro gaming devices.

GRTV turned the camera on GoPro's Rick Loughery, who was on hand to show off the company's latest model, the Hero 3.

One of the more unusual gadgets to appear at this year's CES was the Solowheel, an electric, self-balancing unicycle. GRTV caught up with Inventist's Karli Rizzo to find out more.

Roccat CEO and founder, René Korte, was at this year's CES. In a hotel room in Las Vegas, we discuss gaming peripherals, and why Roccat takes pride in European design.

Razer's product manager, David Lim, tells us how PC gaming will become mobile thanks to Razer Edge, a new powerful tablet PC from Razer. Also, we take a look at some of its accessories.

<I>If that lot isn't enough to sate your thirst for all things techno-wonderful, here's the another batch of great interviews from CES 13.</i>