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Quake Champions

Quake Champions gets a huge update

The biggest one yet for id Software's title.

Available in Early Access on Steam, Quake Champions continues to improve, and now we know that this Thursday, December 14, we'll be getting a pretty big update for the game, one that introduces not just a new champion but also a new Duel Arena.

The new Champion is called Keel, who has featured in the series before. "Quake 3 Arena's resurrected war machine Keel will join the roster of heroes next week, bringing a Grenade Swarm active ability that allows him launch a barrage of grenades and the Stockpile passive ability, which reduces the cooldown on Grenade Swarm with every ammo box he picks up. Keel will be free for players who own the full Champions Pack and available for purchase using Platinum via the in-game store for everyone else," the press release reads.

Vale of Pnath is the new Duel map, dedicated to 1v1 and 2v2, described as "a wickedly vertical shrine to the Elder God Ithagnal built atop treacherous acid-filled caverns," but there's also ranked play and leaderboards to look forward to as well, especially for those who like to be extra competitive.

What kind of game would it be without some sort of holiday update, and this comes in the form of themed items like Champion and weapon shaders, holiday decorations in Burial Chamber and Corrupted Keep, holiday hats, and limited edition profile icons and nameplates. What's more is that you can also customise your crosshair in terms of style and colour as part of this update too.

Which is your favourite part of the update?

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