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Boom Ball 3

Kinect game Boom Ball 3 releases on December 22

Bringing with it customisable paddles, new levels, and more.

  • Text: Sam Bishop


Virtual Air Guitar Company has announced that their Kinect game Boom Ball 3 will land on the Xbox One on December 22 as part of the ID@Xbox self-publishing program, costing £7.99.

"We keep believing in Kinect family fun," says Aki Kanerva, Founder and Lead Designer at Virtual Air Guitar Company. "There are many Kinect owners out there and we want to keep providing great experiences for everyone."

"We wanted to give players a colorful holiday trip across the world, something that would be both relaxing and exhilarating. We have 24 new background scenes, and every level has multiple waves of handmade, animated cubic animals, vegetables, characters and surprises," Kanerva adds. "In Fast and Turbo modes, you have fewer balls to lose, and the balls fly much faster. At any time, you can choose the difficulty that suits you best - leisurely fun on Normal mode, challenge your reactions on Fast mode, or get your sweat on in Turbo mode."

You can customise your paddles in-game as well, and by completing levels you get pre-made pictures and special effects to help you achieve this, or you can use the Kinect itself to take photos to use on the paddles.

A trailer for the game can be found down below. Will you be having fun at Christmas with this title?

Boom Ball 3Boom Ball 3Boom Ball 3