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Watch The Game Awards & PSX Keynote live on Gamereactor

We're hosting both events on GR Live.

  • Text: Mike Holmes

This year Gamereactor was among the judges for The Game Awards 2017, and so it's only natural that we're also going to be streaming the awards event here on the site.

The final nominations are in (more on that here) so it's time to find out which game is going to win the coveted Game of the Year award, as well as which other titles and developers are highlighted across a range of extremely competitive categories.

Most people would agree that it has been a stellar year for gaming, and there are going to be some keenly contested battles between heavyweight titles when the event kicks off on GR Live at 1.30am GMT / 2.30am CET in the wee small hours of Friday morning. Will Zelda fight off Horizon and Mario and be crowned GOTY 2017, or will something from left field claim the honour? Tune in later tonight/tomorrow to find out.

But wait, dear reader, that's not all. The following morning, this time a little later on Saturday at 4.00am GMT / 5.00am CET, we'll be hosting the keynote speech from PlayStation Experience, also here on our GR Live page. While Sony might not have announcements to the same scale as those from last year, we can still expect to hear a few updates regarding the platform holder's plans looking ahead to 2018.

So, if you're planning on staying up late either night to catch the announcements and reveals from California, feel free to watch with us here at GR.