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Some Destiny 2 vanilla content locked unless you have DLC

The raised level caps gate off some activities.

Bungie faced quite a bit of backlash last month over their XP system, after a Reddit investigation implied that the XP players were getting was less than what they should have been, and now Kotaku has reported that the new DLC Curse of Osiris is causing issues too, this time by locking players out of high-level activities in the base game.

For those who aren't aware, the expansion raises both the character and power level caps, whilst also raising requirements for all endgame content, such as raids and nightfall strikes, with the Prestige versions of both now needing you to be at a power level of 330, as opposed to the previous value of 300. The problem here is that you're capped at 305 unless you have the expansion, and you can't even enter the activities until you invest in it. What's more is that the Heroic Strike playlist is also locked, even though that only requires a 270 power level.

Bungie did a similar thing when The Dark Below launched in 2014 in regards to the Weekly Heroic Strike, and as noted by Kotaku, you can't even Platinum the game without the DLC, because one of the trophies requires you to bear the Prestige raid or nightfall.

As expected, this has left many rather unhappy, and GameTransfers reports that players are already asking for refunds, with the first lot of requests being successful on the Xbox Store and, with the PS Store not actually allowing requests for refunds in this way.

Has this locked off some content you were planning on playing?

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