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Broken Reality

Kickstarter campaign launched for Broken Reality

The campaign has relaunched with a demo.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

Developer Dynamic Media Triad has relaunched a Kickstarter campaign for their game Broken Reality, after a Kickstarter campaign was launched last year. This time the game is back, and has a free Kickstarter demo to go with it as well, so players can get a taste before they invest.

"We've been working for a few years on Broken Reality, an adventure set on the internet where the player is invited to solve puzzles, meet quirky NPCs, collect items and overall explore a psychedelic world," the studio writes.

"I think a big problem with our last Kickstarter was that we didn't really have the means to ground our vision in a demonstrable way. Thanks to the help of Digital Tribe, an indie publisher, we've been able to work for a whole year and bring this to you."

You can check out the Kickstarter campaign here, as well as the Steam page, or you could simply check out the trailer. Will you be giving the demo a go?

Broken RealityBroken RealityBroken Reality