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Fortnite's update 1.10 introduces Battle Royale changes

We'll be getting a new limited-time mode soon as well.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

Fortnite has found a large following rather quickly, even closing the gap between itself and PUBG a little bit in terms of Twitch viewership, and now the official website has given us details of this week's patch, version 1.10, which brings changes to Battle Royale as well as the rest of the game.

Epic starts by highlighting that during the Game Awards, taking place at 19:00 PST (03:00 the next morning GMT), not only is the game being nominated for the Best Multiplayer award, but we'll also be receiving details on a new limited-time mode coming to the game at the event as well.

In terms of Battle Royale, though, there's a new inventory UI coming to the game, which you can see in the screenshot down below. What's more is that the chance of getting bandages from supply drops and chests has also been dropped by 35%, and the aim assist has also been reduced on controllers.


The website also revealed four free heroes for all players on Xbox One, celebrating the launch of Xbox One X support for the game. You can see all of these down below, all of which are kitted out in green to celebrate Microsoft's console.

You can check out the extensive patch notes here, but do you like the changes coming to Battle Royale?