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The Crow shouldn't get a remake, according to original director

"Please let this remain Brandon's film."

  • Text: Jonas Mäki


1994 film The Crow became a huge cult classic, despite having an underground feel to it and the death of the lead actor Brandon Lee during filming, and in fact a remake is in the works. Director of the original Alex Proyas, however, has published a post on Facebook actually saying that it shouldn't be remade at all.

"The Crow would not be a movie worth "remaking" if it wasn't for Brandon Lee," he said. "If it wasn't for Brandon you may never have even heard of this poignant little underground comic. It is Brandon's movie. I believe it is a special case where Hollywood should just let it remain a testament to a man's immense talent and ultimate sacrifice - and not have others re-write that story or add to it. I know sequels were made, and TV shows, and what have you, but the notion of "rebooting" this story, and the original character - a character Brandon gave life to at too high a cost - seems wrong to me. Please let this remain Brandon's film."

Do we need a new The Crow or is it more sacred than other films?

Thanks, Cinemablend.