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Resident Evil: Revelations

Capcom almost made a Resident Evil amiibo

"Various circumstances" meant it couldn't happen.

Capcom is one of the many companies that has made amiibos for Nintendo consoles in the past, but perhaps more interesting are the ones that never saw the light of day.

According to Famitsu (and as reported by Nintendo Everything) Resident Evil amiibos almost happened, with Capcom's Ryota Niitsuma revealing during an interview that something for the Switch release of Resident Evil: Revelations was in the works. And it wasn't the more obvious choices of Jill and Claire either, apparently it was HUNK and Lady HUNK who were under consideration, with the team even going so far as making 3D models.

In the end, as you might have guessed by now, it never happened. According to Niitsuma, it was because of "various circumstances", which tells us something whilst also revealing nothing at all.

It should be noted that Resident Evil: Revelations on the Switch does have amiibo support, just not game-specific ones. Once a day you can get ammo or points by scanning any amiibo, although Capcom characters will give you a slightly improved daily offering.

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Resident Evil: Revelations