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Super Mario Odyssey

There's a bug that lets Cappy kill Mario

It's a deadly trick that also includes a Piranha Plant.


Even if you've spent dozens of hours playing the excellent Super Mario Odyssey, here is something you probably haven't experienced. The Switch game has, as you may know, a two-player mode, which is accessible at any time. Well, when playing in this mode, it seems that it is possible to get rid of Mario altogether!

All you need is to capture a Piranha Plant. Simply crush it with the second Joy-Con, and once the enemy is defeated, the red cap remains the only controllable character on-screen. Check out the video that was shared on Twitter by DefinitivNichtSacha to see the move in action.

In order to return to your normal state, you will be forced to teleport to a checkpoint, at which point Mario returns and his Odyssey can be continued.

Super Mario Odyssey