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Exchange PS Trophies for credit with Sony Rewards in the US

A recent update has introduced the feature.


Sony Rewards is a well-known feature for American users that lets them earn points for purchases and activities and then exchange those for PSN credits and other things. After a recent update, there's another way to collect points, and that's by racking up trophies while playing PS4 games.

Only Silver, Gold, and Platinum trophies earned with an account linked to the system are eligible (starting after the update), but existing trophies don't count. Once you've started your journey you then need to gather a few of every type to convert them in points: 100 Silver trophies = 100 points; 25 Gold trophies = 250 points; and 10 Platinum trophies = 1000 points.

The US Sony Rewards program lets players redeem 1000 points for $10 USD credit in the PS Store, and this way Sony rewards those Trophy Hunters that spend a lot of hours with PS4 games. Would you like to have the same promotion here in Europe?

Thanks, Push Square.