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The Elder Scrolls Online

Xbox Live Gold users can try ESO for free this weekend

You can start right where you left off last time.


Zenimax and Bethesda have announced a free weekend for their-ever growing MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online on Xbox One this week, which means Xbox Live Gold users can try the game from now until November 5.

Remember that you have to create a profile account at and connect it to your Xbox Live gamertag before starting your journey (new players will get 500 Crowns/premium currency for doing so, too). Existing users will return right where they left off in previous game sessions, so don't worry about your progress, and once the trial runs out on Sunday you can pick up exactly where you left off if you buy the full game or another free playing phase begins.

Keep in mind that the game client is about 80 GB so you'd better begin the download soon because time is running out. Speaking of time, did you notice The Elder Scrolls Online just received the new Clockwork City DLC and we have an extended video tour joined by the developers showing us all this great stuff?

The Elder Scrolls Online